Mina texter,tankar och känslor

You are allright

You pick up the pieces That you left behind There are so many reasons That you couldn’t find You tried to open your eyes Yes you tried to see But everything you have inside Is impossible to feel You are allright Cause you always had your fight You know what it takes To get onFortsätt läsa ”You are allright”

Come on

I could fly over hills I could fly over you I could spread my wings So I could do all those things Cause my heart is better without Any question or doubt It’s in your own belief What you are trying to reach So baby come om You better aim up higher Yeah baby comeFortsätt läsa ”Come on”

Anxiety is the pain

Sadness is a word that brings you down Say what shall you do to turn this around You can smile you can laugh you can open your heart Yes baby that’s a way to start Take your time to open your eyes And follow the line you have in life Mayby you will be missunderstoodFortsätt läsa ”Anxiety is the pain”

It’s all about me

I said too much so I couldn’t stay I wondered around in a million days I wish that I could stop the time Not for a minitue for a long long while But my head was in my deepest thoughts I don’t know why what good it brought I kept on believing in what IFortsätt läsa ”It’s all about me”

Vara med dig

Jag tittar ut jag ser dig där Du går förbi jag är inte här Jag drömmer mig bort till din famn Om igen så ofta jag kan Jag vill bara vara vara med dig Så kan du inte komma komma till mig Du underbara själ som har mig fast Jag kan inte tänka bara förFortsätt läsa ”Vara med dig”

My precious

I can’t deny What you have been doing to my heart I just smile When I have you here in my arms I look at you I get drowned there in your eyes Its the truth Why in the world would I lie My precious What you give to me My precious How you makeFortsätt läsa ”My precious”

Happy to be me

I’m on my way To forfill my dreems I’m on my way To show you how I feel I’ve done misstakes That I have overcome I feel so great My fear is gone instead off loosing all my faith I keep on going straight ahead This is what I have been waiting for Feels goodFortsätt läsa ”Happy to be me”

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